How can You Benefit?

If you are a... You can benefit... Seeing is believing...
Member of a Clinical Study Team If other software scares you off, then this is a friendly easy-to-use "DIY" data review tool for you. One simple interface to unify all, and you can be on the top of study data all time time.  
Clinical Data Manager
A powerful tool to fulfill what a clinical data manager is supposed to do. Make CRO data available and readable in "real time". Easily configure/share data view for formatted data review; proactively run data validation (QC) and research ongoing data. All work are done on your own, without requiring SAS or SQL programming. 
Biostatistician/ Clinician/Safety/ Medical Director

View ongoing key-indicators, play what-if scenarios, and study patient profiles for vital efficacy outcomes and safety events. When you review a summary, numbers on the report are hyperlinked to allow you to drill-down or trace back to the original data.

Statistical Programmer

SAS coding is automated from one-click" to produce paper-trail CSR report.

Clinical Project Manager/CRA Be informed with "real time" study status. Site monitoring made easier.
IT Manager Web-based enterprise architecture. No client installation, one company just needs one installation, and easy-to-deploy.